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        • Online C1-3K Santak UPS power supply
        • Online C1-3K Santak UPS power supply
        Online C1-3K Santak UPS power supply Online C1-3K Santak UPS power supply

        Online C1-3K Santak UPS power supply

        • Model: C1K/C1KS/C2K/C2KS/C3K/C3KS
        • Capacity: 1KVA/800W~2KVA/1600W~3KVA/2400W
        • Input voltage range: 110~300VAC
        • Output voltage: 220VAC
        • Product description: Santak UPS power castle C1-3kVA is a popular online C1-3kVA UPS in China. Through 30 years of experience accumulated, advanced digital control technology, on the basis of solving 9 kinds of electric p
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        Product characteristics:

        山特UPS電源城堡C1-3kVA是目前中國市場存量最廣,最暢銷的在線式C1-3kVA UPS。通過30年的經驗積累,領先中國的數字化控制技術,在解決9種電力問題(市電斷電、電壓下陷、浪涌、欠壓、過壓、電子干擾、頻率波動、瞬變、諧波 失真、其他)的基礎上,進一步提高了產品的適應性和可靠性,為用戶設備以及UPS 本身提供萬無一失的保障。

        Santak UPS power castle C1-3kVA is the most popular and popular online C1-3kVA UPS in the Chinese market. Through the accumulation of 30 years of experience, the digital control technology ahead of China has further improved the adaptability and reliability of the product on the basis of solving 9 kinds of electric power problems (power outage, voltage subsidence, surge, undervoltage, overvoltage, electronic interference, frequency fluctuation, transient, harmonic distortion and other). And the UPS itself provides a universal guarantee.


        Product performance:


        The stock is wide, safe and reliable

        市場上暢銷,存量廣的在線式UPS, 30 年經驗積累,完美搭配中國電力環境

        The best seller in the market, the stock online UPS, 30 years of experience, perfect match with China's power environment.


        Ultra wide input voltage frequency range, suitable for harsh power environment.


        Mature digital control technology, strong power semiconductor devices, three hardware and software protection, more secure and reliable.


        Green power design, energy saving and environmental protection

        輸出功因最高可達0.9, 提供更多能量

        The output power is up to up to 0.9, providing more energy


        High efficiency electrical design, online mode of efficiency up to 90%, save operating costs and reduce more emissions.


        Green environmental protection meets the requirements of EU environmental directive.


        Intelligent human nature design, flexible and easy to expand


        The battery is easy to configure to meet different discharge time requirements.


        Intelligent real-time battery monitoring, battery status is in control.


        A variety of accessories, flexible to adapt to different needs, regardless of the harsh environment of high altitude areas.

        城堡C1-3kVA 廣泛應用于全國各地區

        Castle C1-3kVA is widely used in all regions of the country


        Remote mountainous area with poor power supply quality


        The southeastern coast of humid and high heat


        A large and medium city with power supply

        C1-3kVA 都能給您的負載

        C1-3kVA can give you the load


        Provide safe and reliable protection


        Specification parameter table: