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        • Online 3C10-20K Santak UPS power supply
        Online 3C10-20K Santak UPS power supply

        Online 3C10-20K Santak UPS power supply

        • Model: 3C10KS, 3C15KS, 3C20KS
        • Capacity: 10KVA/9KW, 15KVA/13.5KW, 20KVA/18KW
        • Input voltage: 220V/380V
        • Output voltage: 220VAC
        • Product description: Santak UPS power supply castle series new generation of 3C10KS ~ 3C20KS to inherit the excellent quality of the last generation of products, the use of double conversion pure online architecture, beau
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        Santak UPS power supply features:

        城堡系列 3C10-20K UPS

        Castle series 3C10-20K UPS

        額定容量: 10/15/20kVA

        Rated capacity: 10/15/20kVA

        額定電壓: 220V/380V

        Rated voltage: 220V/380V

        額定頻率: 50/60Hz

        Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

        拓撲結構: 在線雙變換式

        Topology structure: online double transformation


        Typical applications:


        Small data centers, such as small and medium enterprises, branches of large enterprises, bank outlets, etc.

        存儲器、網絡設備、VoIP、通訊設備、自動化設備、Office 辦公終端

        Memory, network equipment, VoIP, communication equipment, automation equipment, Office office terminal.

        精密儀器設備等 。

        Precision instrument and equipment and so on.


        Specification parameter table: